Olga Khvan
Art direction by Étage group

Design for mobile app AUA 2.0, which is realised by Common sense foundation.

Air in Almaty is full of different emissions from electric stations, cars and factories, which make an impact on people's health and life quality.
AUA 2.0 (Almaty Urban Air) is a mobile application, which helps to monitor air quality in real time and raise citizen's awareness about ecological situation in their hometown. This app also creates a foundation for future urban planning.

On the main screen user can see the pollution rate, receive a small note on current situation.

AUA 2.0 expanded its functionality. Now users are able to receive information about air pollution from various sources. These sources are simply mobile air pollution sensors, which send data to the internet each hour. Moreover, it shows measurements for numerous gases and particles such as PM2.5, NO2, AQI etc.

To see the trends, user can also access the graph. It shows data for one day, month and year. Graph can demonstrate as general measurements, as measurements of certain gas/particles.
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