Olga Khvan
Throughout her design journey, Olga helped different organizations ranging from government to malls and online magazines to improve their users' experience and build more scalable, consistent products. By bringing background in Computer Science and work in a high-paced design studio environment, she is able to zoom out from tiny perfect details to a bigger picture of the whole system. While seeking ways to increase scalability,
her curiosity and passion make her push the boundaries
of reality by bridging physical and digital and come up
with more unique cutting-edge solutions.
Olga in her hometown, Almaty, Kazakhstan. It is a post-soviet country, so Olga's native language is Russian, but she also speaks Kazakh, English and French.
Before quarantine, Olga did Crossfit and bouldering. Now she is practicing double unders at the back yard and is trying to love running. Follow her on Strava.
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