Olga Khvan
Todays art break the borders of what is habitual and can literally go out of the given frames. As there are a lot of things, which were left behind the final result, for instance, painting, we have to discover what are the ways to show what is hidden behind the curtains. Thanks to technologies, we can transfer people to the mixed reality dimension. Where the real objects can be augmented with anything, whether it is a video or 3D object.

When collaborating with YouthArt foundation, we have created a mobile application called Oner app ("oner" stands for art in kazakh language), which recognized the paintings and augmented with the needed content: animation, backstage video or 3D object.
When art and technologies are working together as one.
Mobile application also help to guide people during the exhibition. It contained brief description of each artist, their concept and paintings.

So that the visitors did not got lost.